To Teach and Preach to all people, that they may all have total awareness to the lordship of Christ.

Born and raised in Ocala, Florida; a graduate of North Marion High School - Keith E. Blunt was ordained to preach the word of God.  He endured major trials in his life at a very young age; but was sustained for the Master--he continued to PRESS ON.  He accepted the call to become Pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, in 1999 and has been a faithful leader throughout his pastorate. 

 Reverend Blunt was licensed in 1997 and was ordained in 1999 through The Second Bethlehem Baptist Association.  He furthered his education by obtaining a Bachelors in Theology from The United Theological Seminary in 2001,he aided by way of preaching or teaching in various programs; such as Christian Aid programs, Marriage and Single ministries, Fiscal Management, Christian Development, Spiritual Advising, Crisis Management, Bible Study teaching and Business Development.

A regular attendant and faithful member of our local association; Pastor Blunt is currently serving as Vice President at Large of the Congress of Christian Education for The Second Bethlehem Baptist Association.  Not only is he a brilliant speaker, teacher he is also blessed with an extreme voice. Pastor Blunt also serves currently as the 2nd Vice President of the Young Pastors and Ministers Auxilliary  of The Florida General Baptist Convention.

Pastor Blunt met and married Sister Trish Collins in June 2019 and the New Jerusalem Church Family have lovingly supported this union and embrace it as part of God's plan of prosperity. 

Through his capabilities as a God sent leader; with the help of God, he was the catalyst to the building program---leading to the payoff of our newest sanctuary here at New Jerusalem!

With the help of God we are steadily improving our commitment in the kingdom work of God through future goals that Pastor Blunt has in his vision to elevate the awareness of God an his person throughout the church, community and the world. -giving GOD all the glory!